Agile Consulting

Agile Consulting



Arm yourself with experience of the best world experts and consultants to improve your Software Development Team. Agile consulting will bring order and flexibility to your processes.
Trident SoftLab has 5 years of experience in setting up successful remote/parallel Software Development Teams. We have a consulting team that focuses on making the work between Software Development Teams in Ukraine and our customers better. We have wide experience in process analysis and improvements in software development companies. Our methods include: Classical management: PMI, Prince2, RUP; Agile: Scrum, XP; Lean: Kanban; Scaled Frameworks: SAFe, LESS, Nexus, DaD best practices as well as Agile Scaling experience and over 50 years of combined experience of our consultants in Software Consulting practices in largest international companies. It's the Key to Success of your company!

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Andreas LowingerAgile Management Evangelist, Process and Project Management Coach

Andreas Lowinger
Agile Management Evangelist, Process and Project Management Coach

Andrii  PavlenkoBusiness Consultant, Agile Trainer

Andrii PavlenkoBusiness Consultant, Agile Trainer

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1000 Software Engineers -

the average size of the companies where we have set up the processes and implemented the Agile practices

Agile and Lean

We provide high quality software development
Consulting and Implementation of Agile
and Lean software development processes

Our team of Agile consultants include:

  • the best Agile consultants in Ukraine
  • the first Scrum-trainer in the world
  • the founder of PMI in Munich and CEO of PMI in Germany
  • the first trainer in Ukraine on Management 3.0
  • a team of consultants with combined experience of 50 years in Agile Consulting

Creating teams

We can create and rally your Software Development team
bringing the synergy and generating more value


Adopting your process framework to work with Offshore Software Development team, or setting it from scratch, including Software Lifecycle analyzing and improvement, setting up issue tracking tools, providing Agile trainings, team building events.
Setting up the existing processes to gain maximum effectiveness from the team.
Analysis of the key problems of existing processes, blocks, bottlenecks and development potential.
Increase the quality of cross-functional interactions between top managers, project managers and software development teams, sales/account management, HR-managers and recruiters.
Choosing and adjusting the process framework and process tools based on the requirements, task flow and personalities of the members of the team. The implementation of Agile processes and frameworks in your team will bring the best results.

Process analysis

System performance:

  • Analysis of the departments and personal workload
  • Analysis of time loss, system performance loss
  • Analysis of the effectiveness of the used instruments
  • Determining the inefficient nodes in management system.

Mapping Communications:

  • Analysis of communication between departments
  • Analysis of communications between departments and managers
  • Analysis of communications between department heads and their the top management.

Process Management:

  • Analysis of the compliance of the software development teams with the requirements & the values of Agile
  • Tasks flow analysis between departments (depending on the interaction)
  • Tasks flow analysis within each department
  • Analysis of strategic planning, tasks distribution and setting goals
  • Analysis of the planning process in the development team
  • Analysis of the understanding level of current processes with the development team
  • Analysis of the process, product, technology, people and communications, meetings and daily work
  • Calculating the possible increase in performance of the management system.

Software development process analysis:

  • Standards, metrics and KPI’s, their implementation and enforcement
  • Meetings, events
  • Daily work process Interactions, psychology of relationships & conflicts
  • Assessment of the effectiveness of communications
  • Monitoring and analysis of the teams’ development; level of self-organization and self-development of the teams
  • Analysis of accounting, control and motivation systems
  • Employee satisfaction rate analysis
  • Personality Analysis of staff: drafting of psychological profiles as well as psychological and motivational cards of employees
  • Cooperation analysis and impact analysis of HR team and software development team.

Methods of analysis:

Behavioral analysis of key participants of the events and interview after the event Behavioral analysis of key participants of the events and interview after the event Behavioral analysis of key participants of the events and interview after the event
Individual and confidential testing of employees, and the following personal and group meetings to review the results of tests Individual and confidential testing of employees, and the following personal and group meetings to review the results of tests Individual and confidential testing of employees, and the following personal and group meetings to review the results of tests
Additional explanatory and clarifying meeting Additional explanatory and clarifying meeting
Interview with key influencers on the teams researched Interview with key influencers on the teams researched


    Analysis report:
  • Identification of existing overall picture of the system
  • Mapping interaction, load, communication, task flow
  • Identification of problem areas of the system
  • Identification of bottlenecks of the system
  • The current state of the process, product, technology, people and communications, meetings, daily work
  • Driving conclusions based on the testing and personal interviews
    Measures on improvement:
  • Recommendation on the department structure change
  • Recommendations on redistribution of people between the teams
  • Recommendations on restructuring the workflow and tasks flow
  • Recommendations on highlighting the key roles:
    • Scrum-masters
    • Product owners, product owner teams
    • Product managers
    • Business owners representatives
  • Recommendations on personal communication scheme
  • Recommendations on choosing the right instruments for tasks management in the software development teams
  • Recommendations on improvement of communication scheme
  • Recommendation on improvement of the working environment
    Recommendations on improvement of the processes that consist of the possible combination of the following stages:
  • Recruiting and training a Process implementation specialist
  • Individual and group meetings disclosing all the directives about the following structural and processing changes in the work of the software development teams
  • Creating a concept on redistribution of responsibilities and workload on system elements
  • Training staff on working with a renewed processes
  • Adjustments of working environment
  • Optimization of the task flow and task management to the work with adaptive management methodology
  • Implementation of new KPIs and Accomplishment criterium
  • Optimization of software development tasks lifecycle
  • Setting up a regular cycle of analysis and adaptation
  • Implementation of the system of the development risk management


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  • Forming Agile Software Development Teams

    Forming Agile Software Development Teams

    Trident SoftLab Recruitment and the Support of our Consulting Team is the key to:
    Creating the strongest Agile Offshore Software Development Team;
    Evaluation of requirements for future Agile Software Development Team;
    Recruiting and Staffing;
    Providing workspace for the Remote Software Development Team;
    Establishment of the internal working processes in the new team;
    Agile Coaching of the new team;
    Delivery management of the projects.

  • Scaling Organization Processes

    Scaling Organization Processes

    Scale the dynamically expandable teams and departments with advanced practices of major companies.
    If your organization is growing and you want this growth to be constant and sustainable, proper processes setup is essential.
    SaFe, LESS, DaD, Nexus.

  • Process Analysis and Setup

    Process Analysis and Setup

    Enhance the existing processes of your team with Trident SoftLab Agile Consulting. Allocate and use resources to improve the software development department to save money and time and increase product quality.
    System performance;
    Mapping Communications;
    Process Management;
    Software development process analysis;
    Analysis report;
    Measures on improvement;

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Agile Consulting?

Direct, face-to-face advice and assistance for teams, managers and software developers on how to create and operate a process that works.
Introducing an Agile software development method (e.g. XP, Scrum, Crystal, etc.), or increasing business Agility in general, is a change management project itself. Individuals and teams often find they need help, coaching is a method of providing that help.
Coaching is about working with individuals to address specific problems. Business coaching is a well established field. Agile coaching applies these ideas specifically to individuals and teams making their work more Agile.

What is Process Analysis?

    Process Analysis answers the following number questions:
  • Status quo of the companies processes;
  • Weak points and bottlenecs;
  • Mapping communication;
  • Aligning people;
  • How the processes can be improved.

Can I contact the consultants directly?

Shure! You can do this on the bottom of the each pages of , or just follow the link

Where are you located?

Our main office is situated in Kyiv, Ukraine. We also have a representative in Kufstein, Austria and two great coaches in Munich, Germany. The distance is never a problem, we have the means to help you no matter where you are on the map.

How can a consultants help Agile adoption?

    Working with individuals and teams a consultants can help them apply Agile principles and remove blocks to Agility and project success. For teams adopting Agile Software Development Agile Consulting will address questions such as:
  • Which Agile method is best for you – Scrum, XP, Lean, Kanban?
  • How can we run our planning meetings?
  • How should we plan and schedule work?
  • How can I answer the question: “When will it be ready?”
  • How can we make the rest of the company understand what we are doing?
  • How can Agile principles be applied to large projects?
  • How can we adopt Test Driven Software Development when we have a large legacy code base?

How can a consulting help a manager?

    For managers leading Agile teams, coaching might address questions such as:
  • How can I introduce change to the team?
  • What does Agility mean for our business? And what are the benefits for the business?
  • How can remote software developers be included in the Agile process?
  • What should I address first?
  • How can I continue to improve my team?
  • What should I tell my customers?

How long is the period from the beginning of the analysis for evident the result?

The analysis of your project can take from a couple of days to 2-3 weeks. The first results can be visible during the analysis process when we determine the major flaws in your processes. After the analysis we provide a report with a list of problems and possible solutions. The implementation process is interactive and noticeable results can already be seen in the end of the first iteration.