Jürgen Dittmar
Process Coach

Jürgen Dittmar

Juergen Dittmar has a big experience in a complex software development projects, the management of diverse teams, improving IT organizational structures and development processes. The main specialization is «The Human Factor» in IT Organizations». «People in IT Projects and Organizations» is the theme which Juergen dedicated many years of his professional life.

He was started from the «Geographic Information Systems». It was the main echelon which pushed him into the world of software development. Where he was able to learn all facets of the software development process, first as a developer of GIS systems, then as a manager of various teams and groups.

Now Juergen has more than 20 years of deep and wide experience in complex software development projects and the management of diverse teams and improving IT organizational structures and development processes. It helped him to realize that the «Human Factor» is crucial to success in a such rational world as IT. Because all technical Organizations has a strong tendency to give the most priority for solving the technology problems, than » The Human Factors». That is why Jurgen decided to get a special knowledge as a «Systemic Consultant and Coach» , a Master degree in a «Organizational Psychology» and to become a CSM, a CSPO, a licensed «Management 3.0 coach and consultant» and a PMP.

Juergen has a big experience in advising IT Companies in the areas of organizational development, collaboration and optimization of business processes, introduction of agile methods and the appropriate the leadership development.

Specialization: Agile, Lean, Management 3.0, Classical management.

Location: Germany.