Offshore Agile Software
Development Teams

Offshore Agile Software
Development Teams

We are the Agile compass in your software development


Our company is responsible for the full cycle of creation, development and management of remote Agile Software Development Teams.
The main mission of our Team is providing professional support to companies that want to use software development resources of Ukraine in order to expand its software development capabilities, to optimize the processes and improve the company's financial performance.
The key difference between Offshore Agile Software Development Team and Outsourcing is that newly formed team will fully meet the requirements of your project and will share your corporate values. Setting Up and Maintaining your Offshore Agile Software Development Teams will be carried out by the world renown experts of Trident SoftLab.

% rate of growth of Ukrainian outsourcing market annually
place in Europe as Software Development Outcourcing country
Software development specialists are graduated annually in Ukraine
euro, аverage annual salary of a senior software developer in Ukraine

Our customers would receive

  • All-inclusive service: Recruitment, HR-Service, Agile Consulting, Trainings with best coaches using best practices for setting up the software development team for the client
  • We work in accordance with Ukrainian legislation and support the laws of our customers' countries
  • Transparency in all stages of implementation
  • Increasing the investment appeal of the company
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Why would you want your own
Offshore Software Development Team?

You do not have enough software developers to work on your project and you want to hire some qualified staff remotely.
Your business grows and you need to increase the software development capacity but onshore is not an option.
You don't want to deal with the long process of recruiting and setting up the processes.
You want to hire qualified software engineers with strong knowledge and high quality technical background.
You are looking for methods to reduce the costs of software development and/or increase the software development teams' productiveness significantly.
You need a software development team where you can add people, remove people or close the project when needed.
You don't want to deal with the documents flow, legislation issues, working environment maintenance and facilities setup.
You want your offshore software development team to really be a team and work as one organism.
You want to analyze the environment and processes within both the remote team and the mother-company.
Offshore Agile Software Development Teams service is a smart alternative to outsourcing and provides customers with confidence in the quality of the product.
If you are not sure about setting up your offshore software development team, you are free to contact our consultants and get a 2 hour consultation for free

Get a free 2-hours consultation on "How to Make your Team Agile" from our best Coaches!

Andreas LowingerAgile Management Evangelist, Process and Project Management Coach

Andreas Lowinger
Agile Management Evangelist, Process and Project Management Coach

Andrii  PavlenkoBusiness Consultant, Agile Trainer

Andrii PavlenkoBusiness Consultant, Agile Trainer

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Ukrainian Software Development market is rapidly growing and has excellent speciallists in all needed areas.
In addition to developers coding in Java, .Net, Python, Ruby, PHP, C/C++, or very popular IOS and Android developers, your projects can be also enhanced with programmers that specialize in BPMN/BPML, NLP, XSL/XSLT, HTML5, Perl, RoR/Ruby on Rails, Oracle, MSSQL and other languages.

Cloud, SAAS
Web Services
Embedded Software
QA, Automated QA

How to begin creating a Dream Team



    Take a chance to get a 2-hour free consultation "How to make your team more Agile" with our consultant-coach. Based on the results obtained after the consultation we will be able to form a joint software development path.



    We build our team quickly but carefully based on your requirements and using our experienced recruiting team. Your team will 100% fit your technical requirements, will match a compatible psychotype and share your corporate spirit and values. On average, the process of hiring a team of 5 people takes from 2 weeks up to 3 months. Our team is well known on the recruiting market of Ukrainian software developers and will be able to do it timely, efficiently and effectively.



    A designated manager will ensure the high delivery results of your team. He will be responsible for the process of setting up the working environment and aligning your new team with your software development teams in the mother-company (if there are any); our DevOps engineer will set up the software development environment at our site and align it with yours.
    Our Agile-Consulting team, featuring best world renown coaches, will set up the Agile Software Development Processes based on a model adopted by your company. You will have full control over your remote team. Moreover, you will have full online support from our staff for enhancing the software development processes with your remote team. The latter is absolutely free!



    Your team can be trained in our "Center of Training and Certification" by the world's best coaches.
    At any time, you can easily extend or shorten the team without any struggle. Just let us know about it. Your wish is our command.
    «Trident SoftLab» undertakes all the obligations concerning Ukrainian legislation. Delegating responsibility to «Trident SoftLab» team is actually delegating responsibility to world's best consultants in processes establishment & configuration. It would allow you to be assured in the quality of personalized solution with transparency in all stages of implementation.

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what makes us better

  • We have over 6 years of experience in implementation and customization
    of Agile Software Development processes.
  • We employ some of the best coaches with international recognition for the best processes optimization.
  • You don’t pay for the "brand" with us, you only pay the salary to remote members of your team.
  • It's easy to set up a process of software production with us because your processes are being set up by a certified trainer from Scrum Alliance and
  • according to the requirements of international practice.
  • You don’t need to readjust your working process to fit the new team. That is the advantage of using Agile and having an Agile team.
  • At any moment we are ready to consider changes in the arrangements.

  • Ukraine is an extremely attractive place to invest and I would look at that place as a place if you want to take some risk and you are investing in dollars, but there aren’t that many people investing in Ukraine, so you’re probably going to buy some things that are going to be relatively inexpensive
    David Rubinstein, Carlyle Group
  • Personally, I think that Ukraine is a good place to invest. I'm hopeful that Virgin would start doing business in Ukraine

    Richard Branson Virgin Group
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  • The Ukrainian Redevelopment Fund, a private investment vehicle launched by US businessman and philanthropist George Soros earlier this year, has announced its acquisition of “a significant equity stake” in Ciklum, a major software engineering company operating globally from its main office in Kyiv (Kiev)
    George Soros Soros Fund Management
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Frequently Asked Questions

How easy is it to travel to your company?

Travelling to our software development offices in Kyiv is very easy. In Kyiv there are two international airports Boryspil and Zhulyany that cover all major destinations in Europe and North America. We also have a representative in Kufstein, Austria and two great coaches in Munich, Germany.

When I hire a team – Will I be incurring any tax liabilities, insurance or any other additional compensatory expenses to pay for?

No. When you hire a team with us, you pay a monthly fee and we take care of all the tax liabilities and all other compensation expenses.

How long does it usually take to set up a team and start work?

It usually takes three months to start with a team of five people. However, every client is different so this time may vary.

Can I participate in the screening process while hiring a dedicated developer?

Yes, you are welcome to participate in the screening process.

How do I motivate my team remotely?

We can help you to do that. We talk with your team and check how happy they are with their work and see if there are any motivation or other issues that we can help you fix.

Can I reconsider our contract in case of changes in business requirements of the market?

Yes. The contract can be revised at any time and make changes that will not bring harm to our or your company.

What kind of training do you provide for my offshore team? Do I have to pay extra for it?

We provide different kinds of trainings. The main topics of the trainings are Agile, Scrum, Lean, Kanban, Management 3.0. We provide them absolutely for free for the teams of our business partners.

What are the benefits from Trident SoftLab providing services of Offshore Agile Software Development Teams?

Our main income is generated by providing the IT consulting services. Companies in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Germany, US, and other countries contact us for consulting in large IT projects. Therefore, our business partners do not have to pay any additional fees, taxes and other charges, but only a monthly salary for the work of their employees with offshore team. This service is available as a bonus.